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James H Dorsey III Owner/Director

Behind New Radiance Cosmetic Centers stands Owner and Director James H Dorsey who, over the last decade, has made New Radiance Cosmetic Centers one of South Florida’s dominant chain of medical spas.

James H Dorsey

As the son of Dr. James Dorsey Jr, a world renowned gynecologic oncologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital, James grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. After studying Business Administration at University of Maryland and Western Colorado University, James became a surgical representative for United States Surgical Corporation where he taught surgeons automated surgical techniques in the operating room using Auto Suture™ surgical instrumentation.

Based on his knowledge of what was needed in surgery, James H Dorsey designed and patented a line of laparoscopic devices known as the Nezhat Dorsey Hydro-Dissection System and founded American Hydro-Surgical. 7 years later, American Hydro was the dominant player in its field and employed 180 people in a state of the art manufacturing facility. With $35M in annual sales, American Hydro-Surgical was poised to go public with a $100M valuation. CR Bard (NYSE BCR), a leading multinational developer, manufacturer, and marketer of innovative, life-enhancing medical technologies, recognized the opportunity to expand its offering and merged with American Hydro-Surgical. For the next 5 years, James consulted for Bard on product development and patent matters.

James continued to expand his business knowledge as a Board member for public companies such as Charter Communications, Pensat, and Telescape as well as other smaller private medical companies. He then founded Incentive Marketing Solutions to assist small companies with internet marketing and grew this company to 30 employees and $15M in annual sales.

Mr. Dorsey has focused the last 13 years on aesthetic medicine, successfully growing New Radiance Cosmetic Center (NRCC) into the premier cosmetic center in South Florida with its 10,000 sq/ft flagship location in Palm Beach Gardens and four additional locations.  NRCC, unlike other med spas, has excelled offering minimally invasive body sculpting in-house, performing over 8,000 tumescent liposuction procedures in the last 12 years. Recent growth includes construction of a new 3,250 sq/ft facility in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with two ORs where liposuction is now also performed. Additionally, level 2 and level 3 plastic surgery procedures will now be performed in-house in NRCC’s new surgery center located in its flagship Palm Beach Gardens, Florida location.

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