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New CoolSculpting Elite – Get up to 50% Off Plus $1,250 in Free Bonus Treatments

CoolSculpting® is the Leader in Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Treatment – And Now Freezing Fat Away is Better than Ever with New CoolSculpting Elite!

Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach Gardens, Port St. Lucie and Wellington

CoolSculpting Elite Provider
CoolSculpting Elite - First 100 Practice

Get up to 50% Off  – Plus Get $1,250 in Free Bonus Treatments – Schedule Your Free Consultation Now!

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CoolSculpting Elite ProviderCoolSculpting Elite - First 100 Practice

Get up to 50% Off  Plus $1,250 in Free Bonus Treatments  Schedule Your Free Consultation Now!

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CoolSculpting - Body Sculpting
New Radiance CoolSculpting patient treated by Morgan Smith in Palm Beach Gardens (Individual results vary)*

The Future is Now – New CoolSculpting Elite is Here!

Now Freezes Away More Fat in Less Time at a Lower Cost + Get Increased Fat Reduction and Skin Tightening with the New Radiance Ultimate Treatment Protocol

Freezing away stubborn fat is more effective and costs less than ever with our brand new CoolSculpting Elite machines combined with New Radiance’s Ultimate Treatment Protocol!
The latest technology takes fat busting to the next level with 30% more coverage from new applicators. The most used non-invasive fat reduction treatment is better than ever, treating more fat than ever at a lower cost.

CoolSculpting Elite is the newest version of the world’s most used non-invasive body contouring technology. The new version delivers better results and patients see faster results. Plus, we’re able to treat even more areas than ever before with all new applicators. CoolSculpting Elite is brand new state-of-the-art technology designed to achieve the best results possible.

Our expert practitioners have had amazing success with the old machines. We have used them to produce the results our customers desire… but they are now obsolete! We’re looking forward to providing our customers with the best fat reduction results at the lowest cost ever with New Radiance Ultimate Treatment Protocol.

Amazing Advances with New CoolSculpting Elite

Better Results

With CoolSculpting Elite, patients can achieve results that are 33% better than legacy CoolSculpting! New larger applicators cover a larger surface area, treat more fat and flow with the natural curves of your body so they fit better. Bigger Area + Better Contact = Better Results!

Faster Fat Reduction Results

With ️CoolSculpting Elite, results may now be seen in just 30 days compared to 6 to 12 weeks with the legacy technology. You can expect to see continued improvement up to three months after your initial treatment – just in time for beach season!

Faster Treatment Time

With ️CoolSculpting Elite we can treat 2 areas at the same time compared to just one.

More Treatable Areas

With ️CoolSculpting Elite, new “every size” applicators can now treat nine different areas of your body – from your legs to your stomach to your neck – with never-before-seen precision.

CoolSculpting Elite – More Effective, Lower Cost

Freezing away stubborn fat is more effective and costs less than ever with our new CoolSculpting Elite machines and our new Ultimate Treatment Protocol!

The most used non-invasive fat reduction treatment permanently reduces fat up to 25% in the treated area! The latest improvements takes fat busting to the next level with 30% more coverage from new applicators.

Free Bonus Treatments, Only at New Radiance!

We take CoolSculpting Elite to optimal results. Over the course of your 12 week treatment plan, receive $1,250 in Free Bonus Treatments:

  • Bust Even More Fat with Z Wave!
  • Tighten & Firm Skin After the Fat is Gone with Exilis Ultra!
  • Tone Muscle with CoolTone!

CoolSculpting Elite Advances

New CoolSculpting Elite applicators increase fat freezing coverage and comfort:

  • Improved “C” shaped applicators are designed for better fit and function that complements the patient’s natural curves.
  • Expertly designed and thoroughly tested for improved fit and tissue draw.
  • New applicators increase fat reduction with 30% larger treatment area and provide even greater patient comfort.

CoolSculpting Elite machines run two improved applicators at the same time:

  • CoolSculpting Elite machines treat two areas simultaneously with a single machine.
  • Larger applicators plus dual treatment with two applicators treats more fat in half the time.
  • More fat than ever before is able to be targeted and permanently eliminated from treatment areas.

Before & Afters Video

* Individual results vary. See our Real Results Promise™.

Patient Experience Video

* Individual results vary. See our Real Results Promise™.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

CoolSculpting cryolipolysis literally freezes fat cells causing them to program themselves to naturally self-destruct through the process of apoptosis. A vacuum is used to pull the fat away from the body between two cooling plates. The area is cooled to a precise temperature for 35 minutes. Your other cells such as skin, blood vessels, and nerves are not damaged at this temperature. The treatment is non-surgical, no needles or downtime. Specific treatment areas include the mid-section lower and upper back, inner and outer thighs, arms and under the chin.

How CoolSculpting Works

CoolSculpting® Elite is FDA-cleared to treat visible fat bulges in 9 areas of the body. Some common side effects include temporary numbness, discomfort, and swelling.

What Results Should I Expect from CoolSculpting?

Results may vary from person to person. With a single treatment, our clients typically see a 25%-30% reduction in fat in the treated area. Your body will naturally eliminate the dead fat cells for several weeks after the treatment. Typically, it takes about three weeks to start seeing results. The fat elimination process takes roughly three months for complete results. Many clients choose to treat areas more than once for additional fat reduction. When treating the same area, subsequent treatments can be performed a month or so apart.

CoolSculpting Elite Fat Freezing is Here!

CoolSculpting has been the preferred non-surgical fat reduction treatment for more than 10 years. But now it’s better than ever. With new machines and new technology, CoolSculpting Elite can now sculpt your body like never before! And what’s more, we include FREE Z-Wave treatment following CoolSculpting that can speed fat reduction results and can increase fat reduction by up to 60%!1

CoolSculpting - New Beauty Award Winner 2019

Awarded the
Best Noninvasive Fat Eliminator
by The Editors of New Beauty.

83% Worth It Rating

RealSelf Reviews CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is clinically proven to eliminate 25% of the fat in the treatment area.1

There is no comparison between the new CoolSculpting and the old. Not only has treatment time been cut from 1 hour to 35 minutes but there are more applicators for more areas on your body. Additionally, the new CoolAdvantage can hold 2.5 times more fat than the smaller old applicators.

Plus, you will receive a complementary Exilis Skin Tightening Treatment in 8 weeks so that we can tighten up loose skin after all that fat is gone!

CoolSculpting with new applicators removes more fat than ever before. Request a free CoolSculpting consultation now and find out how you can get get rid of stubborn fat on multiple treatment areas:

Call Now: 561.375.5616 or Request a Free Consultation

More: CoolSculpting TestimonialsBefore & After PhotosVideos

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Special Offer – Up to 50% Off Plus $1,250 in Free Treatments

Get a free CoolSculpting Elite consultation and save with these CoolSculpting specials at our locations in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach Gardens, Port St. Lucie and Wellington. We stand behind our work with our Real Results Promise™.

Up to 50% Off

For a limited time, CoolSculpting is Up to 50% Off at all New Radiance Cosmetic Centers locations.

Free Bonus Treatments • $1,250 Value

At New Radiance Cosmetic Centers, our treatment protocol includes three bonus treatments (with 4+ treatment applicators), the best value in CoolSculpting in our service areas:

Free Z Wave Acoustic Shock Wave (ASW) Treatment • $350 Value

Free Exilis Ultra Skin Tightening Treatment • $400 Value

Free CoolTone Treatment • $500 Value

* Free bonus treatments included with CoolSculpting Elite treatment packages totaling $2,400 or more.

Get a Free ConsultationCall Now: 561.375.5616 or Request a Free Consultation to Book.*

CoolSculpting Diamond Level Certified Practice

South Florida’s #1 CoolSculpting Center

Experience Matters! We’re Proud to be a CoolSculpting Diamond Level Practice!

What does it mean to be a CoolSculpting Diamond Crystal Level Practice? It means we have the experience to get you the CoolSculpting results you desire. It means we have the latest equipment to take advantage of the most recent advances. CoolSculpting practices can’t obtain the Diamond Level status without performing over 800+ treatments in the past 3 months.

Diamond Level means you get amazing, safe and affordable result with CoolSculpting at any of our locations!

New Radiance Cosmetic Centers
Based on 841 reviews
My experience at New Radiance has been fantastic from my consultation with Alicia, to having the CoolSculpting treatments. Alicia's gentle personality made feel comfortable and at ease. I highly recommend!
Kristine Hennessy Speh
Kristine Hennessy Speh
17:39 15 Nov 22
I just had my first round of CoolSculpting. Everyone in the office is so nice and professional. Monet made me feel very comfortable during the entire treatment. I can’t wait to see my results!
Taylor Jackson
Taylor Jackson
00:34 28 Oct 22
First time trying CoolSculping and so glad I reached out to New Radiance in PSL. Everyone in the office was extremely friendly and informative. Thank you to Denise especially for walking me through the procedure, and making sure I understood the process. I highly recommend her, friendly, professional and makes you feel at ease.
14:58 24 Oct 22
Morgan is wonderful! I enjoyed my cool sculpturing experience, it was significantly better than my experience with Ideal Image. I highly recommend!
Ruby Baqar
Ruby Baqar
14:29 17 Jul 22
Jamie is very knowledgeable and excels in making sure I get the best results. She made my experience very comfortable and as easy as can be to go through with my cool sculpting session. I can’t wait for my results. Very excited.
Carmen Ramos
Carmen Ramos
00:32 10 Jul 22
Amazing staff and office! Jamie has been doing my cool sculpting and she’s answered all my questions and made everything go smoothly!! If you ever wonder if you should do it. You should! She makes the experience so much easier!
Sidney Harrison
Sidney Harrison
18:57 06 Jul 22
I'm so happy with the cool sculpting I'm receiving at New Radiance Wellington! Jamie is very knowledgeable on this process. She has a great bedside manner and makes this process enjoyable!
Blair Houtas
Blair Houtas
19:43 22 Jun 22
Wonderful ladies. Tells you everything and answers all your questions honestly.I have had the cool sculpting done and wow! I am so thrilled with the results. I highly recommend the Wellington office. Ask for Meg‼️
Tara Stegen
Tara Stegen
14:11 09 May 22
I stumbled upon New Radiance, Wellington while looking into cosmetic procedures. After reading such great reviews, I decided to make an appointment with Meg for a consultation for cool sculpting. Let me tell you, this place won't disappoint.Megs professionalism and expertise is by far superb. The whole process was stress free and the results are amazing. I lost several inches off my waist and went down two pant sizes. I nowlook as good as I feel. I will definitely be using Radiance, Wellington again in the near future.
Holly Larmee
Holly Larmee
18:36 18 Jan 22
I love New Radiance in Wellington! The best part about this place is Tracy Kudla, she knows exactly what she is talking about and knows exactly what you need done. I went in for a consultation about two months ago and wanted to do some kind of toning. Tracy explained everything in detail and told me to do Cool Sculpture and Cool Tone. I love seeing my results so far. This place and Tracy is the best!!!
Soheir Saad
Soheir Saad
21:47 28 Oct 21
I LOVE New Radiance in Wellington! Amazing staff and I ABSOLUTELY ADORE Tracy Kudla!!!! She is the sweetest woman. I went into New Radiance for a consultation and Tracy had told me to do Cool Sculpting and Exilis. Let me just say I am lovinggg my results so far. She knows exactly what she’s talking about and is great. 🙂
juliana mikhaiel
juliana mikhaiel
21:36 28 Oct 21
Loved cooltone w Tracy. She is very informative and I got great results
18:43 22 Oct 21
I’m so glad I found New Radiance! I had been looking for a place that offered Cool Sculpting and not only does New Radiance offer the latest technology, but you’re in amazing hands with Tracy! She’s honest, knowledgeable and proficient with the technology. The staff is also amazing and the facility is clean. I am beyond happy with my results and I highly recommend New Radiance in Wellington!
Kristi Tait
Kristi Tait
05:46 24 Sep 21
Meg is the coolsculpting guru! From the start she listened to my concerns and what I was trying to achieve. She is so kind and encouraging. My results came out amazing thanks to her! They were so good that I went back for more treatments. I am forever grateful that she has helped me get my mommy groove back.
Sara Kavanagh
Sara Kavanagh
17:17 31 Aug 21
I had a Coolsculpt procedure that was perfomed by Meg in the Wellington office. I knew from the moment we met I was in excellent hands. Meg’s professionalism, kindness, & caring way put me at ease immediately. My results were amazing.I would very highly recommend Meg for a great experience & great results… Thank you Meg!
Jean Colardo
Jean Colardo
01:48 24 Aug 21
I was curious about cool sculpting. I knew someone who had good results and after my doctor confirmed that it worked during a routine medical exam, I booked a consultation at New Radiance. I have stubborn fat from multiple pregnancies and hours a day in the gym for years didn’t make it go away.My consultation was with Morgan and she spent a good deal of time with me answering questions and discussing the process. I took advantage of a cool sculpting special and went through with it. It was relatively pleasant for the fact that parts of my fat was being frozen to death! After the treatment, I was a little numb, puffy and bruised, but it subsided and I rather liked the gradual reshaping of my figure as the dead fat cells left my body. I am so happy I came here to do this. It was a really great experience and I’m now scheduling another treatment to take care of a few more areas. If anyone from New Radiance reads this, thank you so much, you guys rock!!!!
Margaret Crowley
Margaret Crowley
21:04 12 May 21
I have been receiving services from New Radiance Cosmetics for the last 4 Months ,i have had Emsculpt , Exilis and Cool Sculpting, and they are all great treatments, Heather did my treatments, she is not only a very nice person, she is also very Knowledgeable and really puts a lot of effort into giving the best results, I will definitely return again.
Tonya S
Tonya S
23:26 30 Oct 20
I’m thrilled with the results of my Coolsculpting with Morgan! She is extremely professional, answered all of my questions and made the whole procedure much easier than I expected. It’s only been 8 weeks and I already see a significant improve in each of the areas I had treated. It’s a pleasure to recommend New Radiance in Palm Beach Gardens.
Ellen G
Ellen G
11:34 05 Apr 20
Hands down the BEST place to get your Coolsculpting! I went in for a consult for my chin area and Morgan is the absolute best. She is professional, caring and informative. She explained everything so well beforehand and really eased my mind on what to expect. The process was a breeze, not to mention very reasonable pricing, and since then I have been back in for arms, bra bulge and flanks. I’m addicted now, lol. Fabulous office!
Ashley Dixon
Ashley Dixon
03:13 31 Dec 19

We Add Z Wave to Your CoolSculpting Treatment Package to Get up to 60% Better Results1

ZWave VS Non-ZWave

Now with free Z-Wave Acoustic Shock Wave, we can speed the process up so you start to see your results in half the time and enhance your results. You’ll lose up to up to 60% more fat. When you get CoolSculpting at New Radiance Cometic Centers we don’t just do treatments and send you home. Immediately after your treatment session, you will be treated with Z–Wave. CoolSculpting with Z-Wave is an advanced protocol that combines CoolSculpting with acoustic shock wave technology called Z-Wave. The Z-Wave treatment valued at $399 can dramatically improve the treatment results while reducing discomfort and swelling post-treatment and letting you see results sooner.

Grant Stevens, MD – a very famous plastic surgeon in LA – reports patients who receive Z-Wave in addition to CoolSculpting have seen results up to 60% better than CoolSculpting alone. Studies have also been conducted supporting those findings (see link below). New Radiance Cosmetic Centers is the only CoolSculpting provider in this area providing the added Z-Wave treatment.

See The Study: Z-Wave Cryolipolysis Study (PDF)

Exilis Ultra Skin Tightening Included Free

8 Weeks Post-CoolSculpting

Exilis Ultra is the newest and most advanced non-surgical skin tightening and tissue lifting procedure available. CoolSculpting freezes away fat but it does not directly act to tighten skin. Adding Exilis Ultra after treatment, you will get the best of both technologies and a tighter, trimmer result.

Exilis Ultra is a $399 treatment included at no charge 8 weeks after your CoolSculpting session to tighten skin and further sculpt and tone the area.

Exilis Skin tightening with Ultra Sculpting New Radiance Cosmetic Center

exilis ultra awards at New Radiance

Eliminate Fat Without Surgery with CoolSculpting in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach Gardens, Port St. Lucie or Wellington Florida!

Dual CoolSculpting

We treat with two applicators at one time on the CoolSculpting Elite machines. We can get you in and out in no time!

New Next Generation technology:

  • Get the Best Results with Z-Wave and Exilis Ultra
  • Treatment time Cut in Half – Just 35 Minutes
  • New Larger Applicators Reduce More Fat
  • New Applicators Can Treat Thighs, Neck, Arms & More
  • More Comfortable – Little or No Pain
  • Now with Skin Tightening – We provide a Complementary Exilis Ultra Skin Tightening Treatment with Every Treatment we Perform
  • Complementary Z-Wave Treatment Following Treatment Speeds Results and Can Increase Fat Reduction by Up to 60%!

CoolSculpting Elite is the world’s #1 non-invasive fat-reduction procedure.*

It’s an innovative way to contour your body by freezing unwanted fat away with no surgery or downtime. With more than 5 million treatments performed worldwide, people everywhere are getting a better view of themselves, thanks to the one-of-a-kind procedure.

Am I a CoolSculpting Candidate?

Find out if you are a CoolSculpting Candidate by answering five simple Yes or No questions. We stand behind our work with our Real Results Promise™.

"*" indicates required fields

I'm tired of getting minimal results from my diet and exercise efforts.*
I'm no longer as confident with my body as I once was.*
I would feel better about myself if I lost fat around my stomach or love handles.*
I'm interested in a lasting, safe and effective non-invasive treatment.*
I'm within 5-35 pounds of a healthy and ideal weight for my height.*
Please select the closest office so we can direct your responses to the Certified CoolSculpting Specialist that will handle your evaluation.
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About Cryolipolysis

Amazing Fat Reduction Results without Surgery

The CoolSculpting procedure has become a phenomenon in an unusual way. Dr. Rox Anderson and Dr. Dieter Manstein – two Harvard scientists – were studying a peculiar condition that impacts children who eat many popsicles termed “popsicle panniculitis”. Children with this condition develop dimples in their cheeks from losing fat. Drs. Anderson and Manstein found the connection between exposure of certain areas of the body to cold and fat elimination in the exposed area.

After extensive study of the process, they discovered that fat cells are more sensitive to cold than other body tissue. The specific temperature that causes fat cells to die but other healthy cells were untouched was pinpointed. This medical concept was named cryolipolysis.

The doctors also found that as the fat cells die they are slowly eliminated via the body’s natural waste removal systems. Treated areas begin to shrink as the dead fat cells are eliminated. This process is how CoolSculpting works to effectively bust stubborn fat.

More about How CoolSculpting Works

In 2010, the FDA cleared the CoolSculpting procedure as safe and effective. Since that time, millions of  treatments have been performed worldwide. The results have been astounding and the technology has been further developed with new applicators for more areas of the body. These advancements enable precise reduction of fat to sculpt a new look.

Additionally, the fat cells that are gradually eliminated do not return. This process enables our clients to rid themselves of stubborn fat that is resistant to reduction via other means.

New Radiance Cosmetic Centers has staff trained at CoolSculpting University in Pleasanton, California. We understand how the CoolSculpting treatment can be best used to achieve our clients’ body sculpting goals. We have multiple machines available at our convenient locations and use multiple devices to cut the treatment time.

We understand the procedure inside and out. We are committed to our clients as the premier provider of non-invasive body sculpting. Contact us today and book your free consultation and bust that stubborn fat.


CoolSculpting Consult


Your clinician will work with you on the best treatment plan tailored to your needs. It may take as little as one office visit to achieve your goals. With different applicators to choose from, your clinician can design a treatment plan that can give you your desired results.

CoolSculpting What Does It Look Like


A customized treatment plan includes more than one treatment. For example, you may want freeze away fat from your inner and/or outer thighs—and also get rid of that muffin top as well as that double chin or turkey neck.

CoolSculpting - Fat Freezing Treatment Area


Your specialist will provide a clinical recommendation of which areas should be treated and how many treatments you will need. The result –  The sculpted body you desire.