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CoolSculpting Testimonials

CoolSculpting testimonials from real CoolSculpting patients treated at New Radiance Cosmetic Centers. CoolSculpting results speak for themselves as can be seen in our Before and After Photos and Videos. It’s beneficial to also hear directly what patients have to say about CoolSculpting, their treatment experience and results. More than 8 million CoolSculpting treatments have been performed since 2010. CoolSculpting is FDA Cleared as safe and effective for reducing fat. Watch these testimonials to see that CoolSculpting works.

For a limited time, CoolSculpting treatments are up to 50% off! In addition, every CoolSculpting treatment comes with $1,250 in free bonus treatments! Bonus treatments include a free Z Wave Acoustic Shock Wave treatment, a free Exilis Ultra Skin Tightening treatment and a free CoolTone treatment. We stand behind our work with our Real Results Promise™.

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We stand behind our work with our Real Results Promise™.

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CoolSculpting Testimonials – Wellington

“I dieted and exercised but my fat just laughed. I didn’t know what else I could do to get rid of problem fat so I decided on CoolSculpting. I was so frustrated I just hoped it would work as it is not cheap. Jill let me know that I was a good candidate so I took the leap of faith. I saw good results after one so I did it again and had a total of 2 treatments. My problem fat is gone. I am so happy that I had CoolSculpting. My stomach and legs are finally what I want them to be. They are shapely and I can again wear clothes I want. I feel so much more confident that I want to let everyone know CoolSculpting really works.”

– Aileen Smith, Google My Business Review

“Cool Sculpting results are amazing! I doubted but now am floored with the results. My thighs, stomach and flanks are gone. I am a mother of 1 and lost my midsection several years ago. I had a muffin and excess fat that I could not get rid of. CoolSculpting is the bomb! My “Before baby” clothes fit again which is just amazing and I feel happy about myself and my look. If you call Jill at New Radiance you will love her. She is great and has 6 years of experience. Thanks, Jill”

– Dora Martin, Google My Business Review

CoolSculpting Testimonials – Fort Lauderdale

“My experience at New Radiance Fort Lauderdale was exceptionally great. I had an evaluation for Cool Sculpting and Kathleen did a very thorough job of explaining and prioritizing the areas that would benefit me most. After the treatment she called the next day to check on me. The addition of Exilis and Z-wave treatments were great and included in the cost. The office staff was friendly and helpful and answered my questions and concerns. Kathleen was awesome. Overall I am very satisfied with my experience.”

– Betty Davis, Google My Business Review

“My experience at New Radiance Cosmetic Center in Ft. Lauderdale was outstanding. I had two areas treated with CoolSculpting and after only six weeks I am already very pleased with the results. Moreover, the treatment itself was very easy and relaxed. Much of the comfort of the process was due to the staff at New Radiance, who was terrific. Kathy in particular was wonderful. She explained the procedure thoroughly and was both proficient and skilled at her craft. She exhibits a great combination of professionalism and friendliness which put me completely at ease. I actually enjoyed the time I spent there! I highly recommend New Radiance in Ft. Lauderdale, and Kathy in particular.”

– Melinda H., via Email

“No matter how much I dieted and exercised it has been my thighs that have always been my problem. I didn’t know what else I could do to get rid of them and get into some of the clothes I wanted to wear. I was so frustrated and self-conscious that I finally decided to go to a consultation for CoolSculpting at New Radiance. Jill let me know that I was an ideal candidate for CoolSculpting on both my inner and outer thighs so I decided that I would do it. CoolSculpting was not at all uncomfortable and I actually enjoyed it as I just sat there and watched a movie. I could see good results after one but I had a total of 2 treatments on both my inner and outer thighs as I wanted my thunder thighs gone. I am so, so happy that I had CoolSculpting I can’t tell you in print. My legs are finally normal, they are shapely and defined and I can but the clothes I want. I feel so much more confident since undergoing the treatments I wanted to let everyone now that if they have a problem like I did, CoolSculpting is the answer”

– Susan J. Wisniewski, Google My Business Review

“I am so happy I found this cosmetic center because Kathy, my practitioner, is AMAZING!! The procedures I had done were CoolSculpting, Exilis Skin Tightening and LED light therapy. At my initial consultation, Kathy really impressed me on how “real” she was. She’s all about the patient, educating you to what works and what doesn’t and why. It was clear to me she puts the patient first and wants you to be ecstatic with your results. Kathy is defiantly someone I TRUST. I’ve debated for a couple of years about CoolSculpt, thinking I could eventually fix my spot with diet. What sold me on CoolSculpt is that Kathy uses a Z-Wave technique after CoolSculpt to enhance the procedure breaking up the fat and speeding up the healing process. I’m exceptionally pleased I did, much thanks!!!”

– Christine Bihrle, Google My Business Review

CoolSculpting Testimonials – Palm Beach Gardens

“Radiance Spa went beyond my expectations! The technology works! Very happy with the results . Shopped a few other locations but the SUPER friendly staff sealed the deal in making my choice to come here. Kathleen was professional, accommodating, and made me feel very comfortable. She was also very good at explaining the science behind everything. The wonderful lady at the front desk, Erin, was very pleasant and a pleasure to speak with every time I came in for an appointment. Overall extremely satisfied”

– Josh Lopez, Google My Business Review

“New Radiance has been a wonderful experience so far! Morgan is an absolute doll who goes above and beyond to make sure your experience goes as pleasantly and smoothly as possible. She makes sure you stay informed and is there to answer any questions or concerns you may have! I would definitely recommend their center for any cosmetic treatment you may be seeking!”

– Dierdre D, RealSelf Review

“I had the best experience with the facility in Palm Beach Gardens! Not only were my results amazing, my tech Mandy TePoel was such an wonderful person! She made the entire experience delightful and was always cheerful and very informative. I will be going back next year to see her and receive cool sculpting again!”

– Erin Weston, Google My Business Review

“Omg!! I just got off from work and my wife won’t stop talking about the amazing service she received at New Radiance Palm Beach Cosmetic Centre! She kept talking 100 mph about her amazing experience. I zoned out after 20 minutes of hearing her praise the place. I laughed to myself and thought it would be cool to write a review as she continued to talk about it. Long story short- I know my wife was happy so I’m happy. Keep up the great work!!! Lol!!”

– Charlie Healy, Google My Business Review

“Great office, great staff, nice plaza.. Kathy made me feel very comfortable and the pricing was good. New office with new machines.”

– John Allen, Google My Business Review

“Kathy was AMAZING she was so warm and caring every few minutes she would ask me are you ok do you need anything please let me know if your ok. Loved her I recommend this facility 100%.”

– Makayla Fermin, Google My Business Review

CoolSculpting Testimonials Videos

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