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Hair Restoration – FUE Hair Transplant

AuraGraft: The Next Generation of FUE Hair Transplant – For Men and Women!

Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton & Palm Beach Gardens

Designed by the Originator of the NeoGraft

AuraGraft is your best choice for FUE hair restoration. Get the newest hair grafting technology and better results with AuraGraft!

AuraGraft leaves older technology such as NeoGraft and SmartGraft far behind. Developed by Michael Oakes, the original designer of NeoGraft, AuraGraft is new state-of-the-art patent-pending FUE hair grafting technology. It offers the latest technological advancements including: a higher rate of successful transplants, a safer procedure and protocol, and faster procedure times. Get the hair you want and the best results with AuraGraft FUE hair transplant technology.

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Now Save $2,500 or More (as low as $3.50/unit) and Get $599 in Free Bonus Treatments

Financing Starts at $127/month (1,000 Grafts)

+ Free Red Light Therapy Hair Restoration Treatment Package – 4 Treatments – Valued at $599

AuraGraft Hair grafting at New Radiance in Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach Gardens and Boca Raton restores hair using Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) in a single office procedure with little to no downtime! AuraGraft is the third generation of FUE technology with the latest advancements and safety profile.

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Studies have shown that by age 35 about 65% of men have experienced some hair loss. Pattern hair loss is experienced by 50% of men and 25% of women by age 50. In the past, hair restoration required major surgery, leaving a long linear scar across the back of the head. Time for recovery was significant and uncomfortable since it was a major surgical procedure. The latest FUE technologies in AuraGraft have improved the process. The AuraGraft procedure was developed to increase the number of hairs transplanted dramatically. AuraGraft offers the most recent advances in FUE for both men and women looking for a permanent solution to hair loss.

AuraGraft FUE Hair Restoration Before and After 2
AuraGraft FUE Hair Restoration Before & After 1

AuraGraft Hair Restoration Benefits

FUE with AuraGraft has many benefits over the older strip method of hair restoration. Among the benefits of an AuraGraft procedure are:

  • Natural Looking Results: Your own hair is used to fill in balding spots! AuraGraft produces natural, healthy looking results without the unsightly hair-plug “rows” experienced by patients in the past.
  • One In-office Procedure: The AuraGraft FUE procedure is performed in our offices in one day by technicians with more than 10,000 hours of experience.
  • Minimal Scarring: FUE procedures do not require a large strip of hair to be removed like FUT procedures require. AuraGraft transplants individual micro grafts, leaving no linear scars.
  • Little to No Downtime: The recovery period for AuraGraft is short. Patients are typically washing their hair within a few days.
  • Lower Cost: AuraGraft does not require a hospital surgical suite, general anesthetic and other expenses since it is an outpatient procedure. AuraGraft’s third-generation improvements reduce costs and improve safety.
AuraGraft FUE Hair Restoration Before and After 3
AuraGraft FUE Hair Restoration Before and After 4

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does AuraGraft Work?

AuraGraft is a FUE hair restoration procedure available to patients who are ready to make a positive change to their appearance. It is the most effective way to fight hair loss and provides permanent, noticeable results.

AuraGraft’s FUE hair restoration device extracts between one to five hair follicles at a time. The follicles are harvested from a region of the head that has healthy, “bald resistant”, hair. Typically, from the back of the head. The micro grafts are then transplanted into the desired regions to produce natural and healthy looking results. And, because the grafts work on such a small level, there is no noticeable linear scarring like with other transplantation methods.

Why is AuraGraft the Best Choice for FUE?

AuraGraft is the best choice of FUE hair restoration technologies because it is the third generation and developed by the originator of the NeoGraft, Michael Oakes. AuraGraft’s patent-pending technology offers the latest advancements and a higher rate of successful transplants. FUE produces fantastic results and AuraGraft is the latest generation of FUE technology with many benefits:

  • Minimally invasive office procedure.
  • No scalpel, no sutures.
  • No unsightly linear scar.
  • Virtually no discomfort.
  • Significantly reduced treatment times.
  • Faster recovery time; “work next day.”
  • Natural looking permanent results.
  • Large areas in a single session.
  • Reduces need for additional procedures.
  • Reduces overall costs of manual FUE.

How Soon Will I See Results?

Visible changes happen quickly! You may first start to notice hair growth within the first three months after your procedure. Your hair will grow back in phases. Full growth will be realized within one year.

Are the Treatments Safe?

Yes. AuraGraft has the highest level of safety and efficiency of FUE technology, providing benefits over other FUE technology for both patients and providers.

How Do I Know if Hair Restoration is Right for Me?

We recommend you call us now at 561.375.5616 to book a free consultation or fill out our request a free consultation form. Our hair restoration professionals will recommend the best treatment customized to your specific needs.*

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