Skin Tightening

Non-Invasive Skin Tightening Treatments

Skin tightening treatments rebuild the proteins that give skin structure and elasticity: elastin and collagen. As we age, our bodies produce less of these proteins and our skin loses elasticity. Stress, hundreds of daily skin movements and even gravity can start to make our skin appear saggy or stretched. Face, neck and décolletage skin laxity can make us look years older and destroy confidence.*

New Radiance Cosmetic Centers has multiple non-invasive treatments to reduce the appearance of skin laxity by tightening loose skin on the face, neck, décolletage, abdomen hands and other areas of the body. Now you can find the treatment best suited to achieve your personal goals and look and feel your best!*

Non-invasive treatments for mild to moderate skin laxity:

Exilis Ultra – Combines radio frequency and ultrasound technologies to tighten skin with no downtime.*

Ultherapy – Uses microfocused ultrasound to generate a thermal effect under the skin to tighten skin for a non-surgical face and neck lift with no downtime.*

Minimally invasive treatments best for severe skin laxity:

Laser Skin Resurfacing – Uses laser energy to rejuvenate skin from typical signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines and sun damage. Results in smoother, brighter and tighter skin.*

Which skin tightening treatment is right for me? We recommend you call us now at 561.375.5616 or fill out our Request a Free Consultation form to book a free consultation. Our medical professionals will find the skin tightening treatment best suited to achieve your goal.

Exilis Ultra 360

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See how Exilis Ultra can lift your brow, erase the lines around your mouth, lift your neck or sculpt your legs or buttocks with a free consultation and our Try-Me offer!

Try a single treatment of Exilis Ultra now for Just $99 for face or neck or $129 for body sculpting, fat & cellulite reduction!
“Try-Me” pricing on Exilis Ultra to allow you to try skin tightening on face AND/OR body – limit two per customer, mix and match! Treatment areas you may choose from:

Face: Brow lift, Lips/Mouth, Eyelids (Upper & Lower), Forehead, Jowls, Neck, Submentum or Upper Cheeks.

Body: Abs, Banana Roll, Bra Fat, Buttocks, Décolletage, Hands, Inner or Outer Thighs, Knees, Love Handles, Upper Arms or Saddlebags.

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Which Skin Tightening Treatment is Best for You?

When seeking the non-surgical skin tightening treatment that is best for you, there are multiple factors to consider when determining the best treatment path to take. These factors include:

  • The amount of skin laxity to be treated.
  • The area of the body.
  • Number of recommended treatments.
  • Expected results.
  • Cost.
  • Downtime.
  • Side effects.

The skin tightening treatment best suited to achieve your personal goals will depend on your specific concerns and the area of skin laxity.

New Radiance Cosmetic Centers offers effective treatments that rebuild collagen and elastin to tighten skin. The best way to find out which treatment will be best for you is to book a free consultation. Call Now: 561.375.5616 or fill out our Request a Free Consultation form.

Continue reading to learn about the different treatments available and get answers to frequently asked questions!

New Radiance Cosmetic Centers
Based on 569 reviews
AMAZING results with EMSculpt with Meg at New Radiance - it strengthened, tightened and toned my abdominal muscles. The treatments were quick, painless and there was no downtime. For reference, I am in my 40s and have 3 small children. I eat well and exercise regularly but my abs were weak after 3 pregnancies. EMSculpt was transformative for me! I have been going to New Radiance for over 5 years and always have a great experience. I have referred several friends and family members. Meg is the best- she’s knowledgeable, experienced and gives honest, helpful recommendations when it comes to treatment options. I also had amazing results with Ultherapy/IPL with Karen and highly recommend her. Elisia is fabulous as well. The entire staff is friendly and professional.
Melissa Ashe
Melissa Ashe
23:00 11 Sep 21
This is my go to Spa for anything I need to look better! The staff is so welcoming and kind. This is the second time I have visited this spa in the last 4 years. I received the best treatments and advice for my sagging facial skin, neck and jowls. I choose the Exilis Treatment with the Best Aesthetician EVER!! Her name is Tracy Kudla, she gave me 4 amazing treatments. She is so Funny, Kind and Knowledgeable, she explained everything!!! What I should do or not do before a treatment. I have received amazing results with my 4 Exilis Treatments. What I really love about this Aesthetician/Spa is that she/they do not try and talk you into expensive treatments you dont need! So very Highly recommended!!!
Marie Anteni
Marie Anteni
21:17 14 Jul 21
I had the pixel laser and Exilis with Miranada, who is very knowledgeable and explains the procedures very thoroughly in a step-by-step manner. She takes her time with the patient, and she makes sure you are comfortable. I did the second pixel on my face and chest this week and am very pleased with the results so far. I have couple of more to go and can't wait! I definitely recommend Miranada; she is a true professional.
Gada G
Gada G
13:42 31 Mar 21
I’am a 38 year old male, and recently had the Ultherapy procedure done, on my lower chin. Had my consultation with Meg Brewster . As other patience have stated , in there reviews, she is absolutely Phenomenal, and a great asset to the company. She did an Amazing job explaining the procedures , and answered all my questions. She was not pushy , in selling me a product , instead she provided her expertise/knowledge , and allow me to decide whether or not , I wanted to continue with the procedure. I did end up scheduling an appointment with Meg, for the Ultherapy procedure. Throughout the process , Meg made me feel comfortable, by explaining everything she was doing , and what to expect. From start to finish, Meg continue to check in , to ensure I was comfortable and doing great. I will highly recommend Meg Brewster, to anyone !! Great quality service! Keep up the great work Meg. Thank you .
Luis Jimenez
Luis Jimenez
02:59 27 Feb 21
What a wonderful place to go to get a better version of yourself! I wasn't about to let gravity keep me from looking good and feeling more confident! I started my journey with an Ultherapy treatment on my lower face and neck, the results were fantastic. I had the procedure done at the Wellington location by Tracy, she explained to me step by step how the procedure goes and when I could expect to see results. Actually the results were a little faster than the general timeframe for this procedure. Tracy also informed me how follow up RF therapy and micro-needling can further enhance the results, all I can say is Wow! She was so knowledgeable in these areas and I trusted her expertise fully, she is very professional and educated me on the science and why it works the way it does, so glad I made that phone call! I recommend this center and Tracy to the highest degree!
Gina Audette
Gina Audette
01:20 17 Feb 21
I started going to see Tracy back in July of 2020 and can’t be happier! She addressed my concerns and came up with an awesome treatment plan. Started with Ultherapy and a new skin care regiment with awesome products. She has guided me every step of the way. Very informative and attentive. Love my new journey and can’t wait to see her in April!
Maria Moro
Maria Moro
00:09 13 Feb 21
I have been receiving services from New Radiance Cosmetics for the last 4 Months ,i have had Emsculpt , Exilis and Cool Sculpting, and they are all great treatments, Heather did my treatments, she is not only a very nice person, she is also very Knowledgeable and really puts a lot of effort into giving the best results, I will definitely return again.
Tonya S
Tonya S
23:26 30 Oct 20
I scheduled an appointment with Meg Brewster, Medical Esthetician, for an Ultherapy consultation. Meg explained the treatment, and upon request showed me some before and after treatment pictures. I liked that she stressed that each patient is unique and the results depend on the patient. I scheduled the Ultherapy treatment, and the results have been amazing! It has been three months since my treatment and I can see the transformation; my skin looks younger, firmer, and radiant. My face looks more vibrant and less tired. If you are considering Ultherapy, don't hesitate and book your consultation with Meg, she is professional, attentive and honest. I truly enjoy working with her and the rest of the staff at New Radience, Palm Beach Gardens.
Maricela Torres
Maricela Torres
00:57 12 Sep 20
I had an Ultherapy treatment on my neck area with Meg almost 3 months ago. I waited to write a review because I was told that it would take over 3 months to experience the effect. I can’t say enough about Meg. She’s amazing! She’s patient, kind, experienced and knowledgable...and did I say patient? I have a very low pain tolerance but Meg stopped the procedure as many times as I needed and assured me that I was doing great. She made it all worthwhile. Now, almost 3 three months later my neck looks fabulous. I had a ‘wobble’ thing going on that was horrible! Now I don’t see that loose skin at all! It’s all tightening up just like Meg said that it would. Thank you Meg! You are the absolutely best!
Tere Bloomfield
Tere Bloomfield
15:58 21 Aug 20
I am extremely happy with my sculpsure treatment. I had the first one in January and the second one in late February. Today I come to do the Exilis treatment (I could not do it before because of the Covid) and we compare photos ... Incredible !!! I had already noticed it in the clothes and when lying on my side in bed I no longer feel the great mass hanging and lying on the bed ... haha. The staff is incredible, the rules to avoid Coronavirus infections are very strict and Meg is not only an excellent professional, she is also very honest in her advice and opinions, she is also very warm and friendly. I am adding some photos, the light were not the best, but the results are noticeable. I love New Radiance of Palm beach Gardens and the new facility is gorgeous!!!
Andrea Lira
Andrea Lira
04:25 27 Jun 20
Ladies treat yourself to Ultherapy with "Meg". She is very transparent and gives you a clear idea of what you can expect from the procedure. I love my results so far. In addition, if there is anything I would suggest and that is spending the $50 on ProNox it is so worth it!
17:19 11 Jun 20
Recently I had the Ultherapy treatment for some crepiness that had developed on my neck after a substantial weight loss. The team at New Radiance made me feel right at home. They reviewed with me all the options and this procedure was the one best suited for my issues. Tracy did the procedure, she is second to none in my book, I am so pleased with the result and the care that she took of me. I will always use New Radiance for any future needs that I may have. 5 Star all the way!!
Gina Thomas
Gina Thomas
16:25 26 May 20
I have been coming to New Radiance Med Spa for a few years and love it! I have tried other places in between, sometimes because there were discounts, but the professionalism and quality of services are second to none. The staff is always amazing and helpful especially with appointments and appointment changes. I will keep returning!After months of looking up information I decided to try Ultherapy. The first appointment I chickened out because I heard it was pretty painful. This treatment applies electric currents to tone the skin, especially useful for under the neck. So after my 2nd consultation with Meg I decided to go for it with the help of Pro nox (laughing gas). It as an amazing experience. meg was so pleasant and professional the whole time. You can feel it but truthfully with the Pro Nox you don't care. It's been about 5 days and I can see a difference already. The true results take 3-6 months as the collagen will regenerate. I am a little sore - but all in all sooooo worth it. Thanks Meg for being so awesome - I am ready to plan more treatments with you!!. Can't wait to see how I look in a few months.
RR “ ”
RR “ ”
17:11 17 Mar 20
Very happy with this office. After looking at 3 dermatology offices on las olas. I found heather and she helped me w getting set up to get Ulthera, Exilis and looking forward to getting cool sculpting and cool tone w her. I’ve had done before and heather is beyond sweet , professional and knowledgeable. She makes me feel comfortable and I trust her. I will be back for all my needs here at new radiance. Jessica the receptionist is sweet and helpful. I love these two girls. The services . And the pricing is on point.
Richard Rardon
Richard Rardon
18:44 14 Feb 20
I recently went to New Radiance for a consultation for Ultherapy. Meg was wonderful. I was so impressed with her knowledge about the technology and her honesty about what to expect. She was so thorough and I felt extremely comfortable with proceeding with scheduling my procedure for Ultherapy. Both the consultation room and procedure room at new radiance were clean and comfortable. I was very Nervous about the procedure the day of but Meg made me feel very at ease very and answered all my questions. They offer pro Nox which makes the procedure a lot more tolerable. Meg was extremely good with machine and made the entire experience really wonderful.. I had read some horrible things about the pain and after effects but in Megs expert hands I did not experience any of the awful things I had read about. Procedure took about two hours and afterwards I was even able to go and have dinner with a friend. I highly recommend new radiance and Meg. It’s very important to have somebody who knows what they are doing for this therapy and Meg was awesome! I will definitely be going back for other treatments they offer.
Kc Cohen
Kc Cohen
18:54 22 Jun 19
Big shout out to Meg Brewste,r Esthetician, CME at Radiance Cosmetic Center of Palm Beach. I had Ultherapy with her a few months back. She made the treatment very pleasant plus effective. I would highly recommend Meg to anyone looking to get any type of skin treatment. I found her very personal and caring. You want to go to someone you can trust and Meg is that girl!!
Jill Spina
Jill Spina
22:36 10 Apr 19
It's been three months and now I do believe I am seeing improvement in my chin and neck area IL ultherapy , Dr. Neil performed. He did a great job. He was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. All the stuff also so friendly and co operative. I must recommend smart Liposuction Palm beach and dr. Neil to all.
Nahar Liza
Nahar Liza
05:52 23 May 16

Exilis Ultra Skin Tightening

The first and only non-invasive treatment to combine radio frequency and ultrasound to tighten skin! 

Exilis Ultra tightens sagging skin on the face and body and reduces fat and cellulite anywhere all without discomfort. Now even lax, crepy skin can be treated utilizing Exilis with noticeable and lasting results.

Radiofrequency energy with ultrasound penetrates into the skin, causing contraction, tightening and stimulation of new collagen over time. The result is tighter, firmer, younger appearing skin.

Exilis Ultra works to better define facial and jawline features, as well as smoothing and sculpting of unsightly bulges and wrinkles on the body. This treatment is safe in all skin types and has no downtime. It is FDA-cleared for non-invasive treatment of wrinkles and reduction of the appearance of cellulite!

Learn More About Exilis Ultra

Exilis Ultra Eyes Before & After New Radiance

Individual results vary. Real Exilis Ultra patients.*


Ultherapy tightens face and neck resulting in an appearance that is refreshed and renewed. Ultherapy uses ultrasound technology to lift and tighten your skin for a natural look – without surgery or downtime.*

Ultherapy can also target individual areas to lift your brows, smooth crows feet and the lines around your mouth, tighten around the eyes as well as improve the décolletage (chest) lines and wrinkles!*

Ultherapy uses ultrasound therapy to deliver its collagen-boosting treatment. Additionally, it uses ultrasound imaging allowing practitioners to see the layers of tissue they are treating, ensuring the treatment energy is delivered to where it will be most beneficial.*

Unlike lasers, surgery and invasive technologies, non-surgical Ultherapy bypasses the surface of the skin to deliver the right amount of ultrasound energy at the right depths and the right temperature. This energy triggers a natural response under the skin, jump-starting the regenerative process.

Learn More About Ultherapy

Ultherapy Before and After Photo Neck
Ultherapy Before and After Photo Decolletage

Individual results vary. Real Ultherapy patients.*

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Skin Laxity?

Skin laxity refers to loose skin on the face, neck and other parts of the body. Skin is the largest organ of the body. As with other organs, skin health is impacted by factors such as age, sun exposure, nutrient deficiencies, stress, lifestyle choices, exposure to toxins and harsh weather. Skin laxity is something every person will face at some point in their life due to the natural aging process.

What Treatments are Available for Skin Tightening?

New Radiance Cosmetic Centers offers a comprehensive selection of skin tightening treatments. Skin tightening treatment tighten, contract and stimulate the production of collagen. The treatments are effective through several processes:

Exilis Ultra combines radio frequency and ultrasound technologies to contract, tighten and stimulate the production of collagen in skin.

Ultherapy uses focused ultrasound energy to heat up the underlying skin tissues to tighten, contract and stimulate the production of collagen.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Mild to moderately loose skin on the face, neck or body is tightened without surgery or scars.*
  • Treatments can provide a noticeable “lifting” effect.*
  • Little to no downtime after treatment.*
  • Very low risk of adverse effects.*
  • Treatments are performed in-office, usually in 1 hour or less.
  • Results that typically last 1-2 years.*

How Soon Will I See Results?

Skin tightening produces some immediate results after treatment with full results apparent 2-3 months after treatment as your body rebuilds collagen.*

Are the Skin Tightening Treatments Safe?

All of the skin tightening treatments we provide have received high levels of patient satisfaction. All of the treatments are FDA-cleared as safe and effective.*

Who Is a Good Candidate for Skin Tightening?

Patients contemplating a non-invasive treatment for skin tightening should have mild to moderate skin laxity. Examples include a lowered eyebrow line, loose skin on the neck, sagging under the chin, and lines or wrinkles on the chest. Severe skin laxity can benefit from multiple or combined treatments. The most severe cases are better treated with laser skin resurfacing or plastic surgery.*

How Do I Know Which Treatment is Right for Me?

We recommend you call us now at 561.375.5616 or fill out our Request a Free Consultation form to book a free consultation. Our medical professionals will find the skin tightening treatment best suited to your personal goals.*

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