Z Wave Acoustic Shock Wave (ASW) Treatment Included Free with CoolSculpting

$350 Value – Only at New Radiance Cosmetic Centers

Included with all CoolSculpting® treatment packages. Improves CoolSculpting Fat Reduction Results by Up to 60%1

Z Wave CoolSculpting Before and After ComparisonThe free Z Wave Acoustic Shock Wave (ASW) treatment included with your CoolSculpting procedure will deliver better results faster! With Z Wave, you will begin to see results in half the time and will lose up to 60% more fat1.

Immediately after your CoolSculpting session at New Radiance Cosmetic Centers, you will be treated with Z Wave – a treatment valued at $350! Combining CoolSculpting with Z Wave dramatically improves the results of CoolSculpting, while also reducing potential discomfort and swelling.

Grant Stevens, MD – a renowned plastic surgeon based in Los Angeles – reports that combining CoolSculpting with Z Wave can be up to 60% more effective than CoolSculpting alone. Dr. Stevens’ conclusion has been supported by multiple studies. New Radiance Cosmetic Centers is the only CoolSculpting provider in this area to include a complimentary Z Wave treatment with every CoolSculpting procedure.

We stand behind our work with our Real Results Promise™.

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